November 16, 2016

Best Garbage Disposal Reviews For Kitchen - Top Picks of the Best

best garbage disposal reviews
Hi, my name is Nathan. First of all, thanks for visiting my garbage disposal reviews site.

I assume you’re looking for the best garbage disposal for your home.

That’s why you're here, right!

We created this website to provide comprehensive reviews and tips to anyone (including you, of course) looking for the right model that meets their household needs.

Our main goal is to help you make the right buying decision.

If this is your first time in getting one, read our garbage disposal buyers guide article.

It tells you what factors to consider, and what things to look out for.

And for those who prefer to jump ahead to the reviews, here are our recommendations for the top 7 models.

Best Value Garbage Disposal
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Based on all our reviews so far, this model is the best garbage disposal to buy for the price and performance.

This is a "beast" that can chew almost all kinds of food waste down the sink. It’s fast and powerful, and does an excellent job in grinding food waste. There's no doubt about its superb performance based on consumers’ feedback.

The price is reasonable and affordable. People, who have used it, are happy to recommend it to family and friends. If you've a large family or cook frequently or just to get the best deal, we highly recommend you look at Waste King Legend 8000 garbage disposer.

Best Quality Garbage Disposal
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Do you need one that gives you superb performance in grinding and noise reduction? If yes, get ready for the next model.

Its construction is high grade, with stainless steel grinding components and chamber. Using their own MultiGrind Plus Technology, it consists of 3 stages of grinding. The 3 levels of operation give you an output of super fine particles. Those tiny particles eliminate clogging, and jamming problems in the pipeline.

It also uses SoundSeal Plus Technology that offers you an ultra-silent operation. Consumers are happy, and amazed, with the powerful grinding and noise reduction technology. If you're looking for the best quality model, read Insinkerator Evolution Excel 1 HP disposer review here.

Best Garbage Disposal for Small Spaces
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If you've limited space below your kitchen sink, don't worry - we can solve this problem. That’s what we're going to recommend, next.

In fact, it’s important to have ample space for working. Remember this; you're not going down there only once. Just think of future maintenance, or routine checking and you'll know what we meant.

Hence you need a model that is compact enough for all this scenarios. We recommend Insinkerator Evolution Compact disposer - a compact and powerful unit. Based on the feedback from users, the sound level is fairly quiet. It comes with a ¾ horsepower which should be adequate for most households.

Best Garbage Disposal For Septic System
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You can use standard food waste disposer with septic tanks. But, we highly recommend that you get one especially designed for this purpose.

What’s so special about this model is that it comes with a Bio-Charge technology. This feature adds enzymes into the grinding chamber each time you run the disposal.

The enzymes help to break down the food waste in the grinding process. But it doesn’t stop here. It still continues to do its task of decomposition inside the septic tank. Everything is in auto mode, so you don’t have to manually drop additives into the tank.

Depending on your household usage, you replace the Bio-Charge cartridges within a few months. It has a powerful grinding function and is pretty quiet during operation. Why not take a look at Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP waste disposer? And then decide if it’s the one you need.

Best 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal
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Are you looking for a 1/2 HP garbage disposal? If yes, let us tell you which one is the best in this category.

This particular model operates at a speed of 2600 rpm. So it's quick and pretty powerful. And the stainless steel grind components provide you long lasting usage and performance.

What we liked about this product is that it offers 2 warranties. In fact, we think of them as a bonus for the entire package. There is a 5 years mechanical defect warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty.

This compact unit is ideal if you've a small family or has limited space underneath the kitchen sink. If this is what you want, go ahead and read our Waste King L-2600 review.

Best Cheap 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal
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The next model we recommend is the best plus cheap 1 / 2 HP garbage disposal. We considered this unit as a good value for money because of quality.

It has a low price of around $65. With a unique slim body, it allows you to install it under extreme limited spaces under the sink.

Feedbacks from users are positive. They're satisfied with its grinding performance and easy installation. But, the sound level is not quiet. Should not be a problem if noise is not your primary concern.

Due to the low rating, it's only suitable for light or moderate task in the household. To get a cheap and reliable 1/2 HP garbage disposal, go to Waste King Legend Series 1001.

Best Cheap 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal
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We don't recommend 1/3 HP garbage disposal. But this model has proved us wrong.

Consumers have commented that this product is powerful and grind waste food quickly. Sound level is surprising low. This could be so, because of the small motor. Mounting the unit is also easy due to its compact size.

It has a price tag of around $55. The low cost is a real bargain, which we think you may agree too. This product is for small family with light usage in the household. If you want the best and cheap 1/3 HP garbage disposal, take a look at Waste King Legend 111.

More Helpful Tips And Information

The brands we've reviewed are Insinkerator, Waste King and General Electric. Insinkerator and Waste King are two of the most popular garbage disposals in the market.

To see what we've reviewed, head over to our garbage disposal comparison tabulation. From there, you can check the difference in specifications for each unit. There is also a link to read its corresponding review post if you need more information.

Many users like to know the difference between the following Insinkerator Evolution model: Compact, Essential and Excel. Here is a table I created in detail comparing the three of them side by side for your reference.

We have also done comparison for other related models. Refer to the sidebar entitled "Compare Models" for the details.

You can check our Q&A for those commonly asked questions for answers.

For first-time buyers who need help or information, take a look at our garbage disposal guide section.

If you're concern about price, we've also grouped the units into the following categories:

Garbage Disposal Reviews Blog Post Format – How Do We Write Them

We wrote all the review posts in the same format. So you can read and compare the different product easily. Every review has a “Table of Contents” for easy navigation inside the post. Furthermore, you can jump to read item that’s important to you.

We wrote the content based on nine subheadings. Each subheading is the product key feature, which is important to shoppers like you. The subheadings for each review post are as follows:
  1. Installation – Is it easy or difficult to mount the unit? Do you need to order more items or everything is inside the package. Most consumers would prefer to do it themselves to save the cost of engaging the services of a plumber. So, a product that installed easily and quickly is definitely a plus point for users.

  2. Noise Level - Is it quiet, noisy or acceptable? Sound level could be an issue to you.

  3. Grind Operation - What can it grind? Is it quick and efficient? Does the unit jam often? This is the most important feature for you.

  4. Warranty - What is the warranty period? Does it include in-home services?

  5. Dimensions – What’s the size of the unit? You must have this information. So that you know whether it can fit nicely underneath your kitchen sink.

  6. Features - A list of other special features.

  7. Consumer Reviews – Hear from actual consumers who have used it for a while. What are their experiences like?

  8. Pros & Cons - What's the advantages and disadvantages when you buy or use this product?

  9. Summary & Price - Our overall review on the product and the price tag

Our Thoughts

Many consumers don't pay much attention to their food waste disposer in their household. It may be the case, since it's hidden underneath the kitchen sink. What I like to point out is that, if you spend a little effort to maintain your unit, it will last longer.

Be aware of what you can do, and what you cannot do with the unit. Bear this in mind, and with a little maintenance in hand, your unit will last longer. It will definitely save cost, time and effort in the long term.

Are you getting one for your new home, to replace a faulty unit, or just to upgrade an existing one? I hope the information here is helpful to you.

Have a nice day ahead!


September 28, 2016

Garbage Disposer Buying Guide - Read This Tips, Advice First

garbage disposer buying guide
Buying a garbage disposer might seem difficult at first. But with the help of a guide, it's very easy.

When you know what's available. And know what to look for.

You could be getting it for your new home. Or an existing unit needs replacement.

What you want is something that can fulfill your family needs and a functional product.

In this article, we're going to give you 5 factors to consider before making any buying decision.

Along the way, there are options provided for you to choose as per your own requirements.

We also provide you a list of pointers to take note during your selection process.